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technical sales engineer


Trying to make a career transition/transformation can be a stressful experience. Annika is an excellent guide in this process. I found her to be insightful and intuitive in my very first phone call with her. With her excellent communication and presentation skills, she guided me through her method, starting with getting a 'mile high' view of myself and then developing a 'backdoor' search campaign. She has always been there to help. I would strongly recommend Annika if you want a fresh perspective and motivation to push forward and make it happen whether you need help with personal coaching, running your business in a different country, sales training or moving to a different country as she herself is an expat for over 20 years.

UX designer

I consulted Annika as a life coach for my career direction.

She has a knack for bringing out the strengths of a person and helping them see it.

She is sensitive, reassuring and has a fluid structure that ensures we progress over time naturally and comfortably.

As a life coach, she was able to put together my public and private self into one wholesome person, allowing me to recognise the validity of my feelings and to make better and informed choices. Yet at the same time, her empathetic nature created a safe space for me and allowed me to be completely myself during our sessions. Annika is able to ask the important and difficult questions and at the same time has equipped me with skills to guide me with my choices. Overall, she has allowed me to feel empowered and confident as I take steps to live my potential.

Country Manager

South East Asia



Annika helped me plan my next career move.

I was caught on crossroads of my career path and she helped me chart a rational course and find direction.

She is analytical, detailed and well-structured and her approach is to felicitate a candidate's thinking so that he or she can build his own decision-making process.

I recommend Annika to you in case you are seeking someone who can assist you in your career goals.

general manager


For me, personal coaching is very important in order to make decisions quickly and solution-oriented.

Annika Harloff has been accompanying me and my team for many years and impresses with her extensive expertise.

What I particularly like most is her many years of practical experience, which she incorporates with humor and intelligence into our coaching. Due to the great practical relevance, her tips are immediately feasible and extremely valuable. Her structured, yet relaxed style just does a perfect job and gives a comprehensive picture of the situation and the existing options. After a coaching with Annika, I'm full of power and energy and are able to see the next steps of my way clearly.

I highly recommend Annika for all those who want to reach a personal goal in a short time!

MLC team



Effective and refreshing team training.

We learned a lot about ourselves and how to perform better in the team.  The training was a reward to us and our children. We were delighted to have the chance to participate.

Now we can't wait to start using the new knowledge and performing in accordance to the action plan.




Annika was my life coach a few years back but I find I need to keep consulting her yearly.

She had an intuitive knack for bringing out the best in you. She allows you to be introspective and encourages behaviours to help you get on with it. I would highly recommend Annika to anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves.

thank you Annika for helping me all these years.

business & data analyst

I got in touch with Annika via LinkedIn and we arranged an appointment to meet. My impression from my first coaching hour was that Annika really tries to find common values with her clients and build relationship, hence, she has a more personal approach. I personally found this to be a very nice aspect of her work. During this first meeting, she already gave me feedback on my CV and on my LinkedIn profile, as a followup she sent me even more information. She was very kind, she had reviewed my CV in advance and asked me quite good questions that helped me to even find mistakes on my own, she was friendly and we had a great conversation about how I can better apply for jobs in Berlin. As I am new to the city, Annika even gave me some local tips. Overall, I had a great time talking to Annika and her valuable feedback helped me to improve my future applications! Thank you.

sales representative


Coach Annika is TOP!

I met her in my time in Singapore. She is always mindful of the needs of her clients and tries to get to the bottom of their problems. To me, her concise and practical tips on finding a job as an expat helped me settle down in Germany. She even went extra miles to provide feedback for my application documents and to brainstorm my qualifications. I am forever grateful to her career coaching session - absolutely recommended.

supply chain graduate



I thoroughly admired the way you mapped my needs and goals. What I got from you was not only career advice, but also to better know myself before landing up in any job. The key tools provided by you such as the Values VS Priorities chart, Action Plan and Strength Mapping were really useful. On the whole, I am satisfied with your coaching and I would surely recommend you to my friends and workmates.

Senior Consultant


Annika was a trusted coach who has helped me to figure out my personal goals and targets. I was in the middle of confusion about my life purpose and plans. After spending only one session with Annika, she has helped me to answer my personal confusions and gain a lucid mind about my life values and future plans. After the coaching and self-deliberation, I am now in New York, setting up my own non-profit organization for art and education and I am admitted to Harvard for a graduate program. That was a significant coaching session I have had with Annika which literally changed my life in an astonishing way. I would strongly recommend Annika as a professional personal coach

APAC Business Manager


Annika was my career development coach for about 6 months during my delegation in Singapore when I was responsible for the Asia Pacific business. She is a very open, inspiring and straight forward personality with a profound business knowledge. She has both: managerial experience as well as coaching techniques. That helped to get deep into my problems. One was that I worked a lot on too many things at one time. Annika guided me to analyse my situation, and to identify my goals and actions with the most impact. It worked! I discovered my own professional focus. Although we have finalized our official coaching sessions, I have no doubt that I will stay in touch with Annika and contact her in the future as new challenges arise in my personal and professional life.

bachelor of arts student



This coaching was game changing experience for my career.

Annika helped me to not only determine, but also to reach out and achieve my professional life goals.

This investment was worth it and already paid out in success.

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