We recommend you to find a coach who has the same values like you. Someone who understands you and who can support you on your journey. It surely needs to be someone you feel comfortable with. That's why we offer a first free of charge session to get to know your coach. 


Annika Harloff, CEO & Life Coach

Annika Harloff

CEO & Coach

Annika is a 40 year old German having lived in Germany, USA, France, Spain, Sweden, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is an expat herself for 20 years. She knows very well the expat scene and what it means to live far from home. Having changed locations and jobs several times she is an expert in making a smooth set up in a different country and working environment. Working for multinational companies she knows procedures and how to get the most out of it privately and from a career point of view. Being very ambitious sales and target oriented she knows to present herself and her ideas and operates easily in an intercultural team. 2014 she migrated and reintegrated back to Germany after 10 years; opted for a sabbatical to find herself, took coaching classes, changed the employer, build a home in Germany and revamped her career as sales manager and coach in South East Asia. She is the first international career coach in Singapore. Supporting working normads to get a job, go abroad, live in a different culture and return back or go to the next location, next level and next step. Having a broad experience in Europe, USA, Eastern Europe and Asia, having worked in sales, marketing, logistic, market development and project management. She is the right person to contact.


As coach she supports you with a variety of methods to find the right solution for your problem. Together you analyze the situation. She is a great listener. She asks the right questions and she follows up persistently and logically to bring you to your goal. You are more than welcome to have a trial session to see if the chemistry fits and if the used methods suit you. Annika Harloff gladly designs you an individual coaching program according to your needs.

Annika was a trusted coach who has helped me to figure out my personal goals and targets.


I was in the middle of confusion about my life purpose and plans. After spending only one session with Annika, she has helped me to answer my personal confusions and gain a lucid mind about my life values and future plans.


After the coaching and self deliberation, I am now in New York, setting up my own non-profit organization for art and education and I am admitted to Harvard for a graduate program.


That was a significant coaching session I have had with Annika which litterally changed my life in an astonishing way. I would strongly recommend Annika as a professional personal coach.


Harvard graduate,

age 30 from Vietnam



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